Trade Finance

Good received, materials and orders processed, deliveries expected and finance insufficient for the current needs – this is a common scenario for growing businesses. At JPI Finance we have access to a number of lenders and diverse options.

We work towards establishing the trade finance facility that is best suited to your business and its growing future. Simply supply us with the relevant information regarding your needs and situation and we will begin the process immediately to ensure your trade finance is ready for your use as soon as possible.

Call us today so that we can have a confidential, friendly and informative chat. Our experts are experienced in matching applicant needs to suitable lenders. We have options that you may not have considered. Give us a call.

Trade Finance
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Debtor Finance

Outstanding invoices are one of the most valuable assets a business can have. It really is like money in the bank and once your lender assesses the value of your invoices and debtors’ unresolved statements, you may be eligible for debtor finance sooner than you think. This type of security is a great asset for your business.

Deptor Finance

This kind of cash flow problem can be easily solved with the provision of debtor finance – use it to your advantage. You could be used for:

  • Growing your business
  • Purchasing stock
  • Paying overheads
  • Debt refinance
  • ATO settlements
  • Removal of personal assets from the business
  • Acquisitions
  • Business growth projections and planning

Cash flow problems don’t need to slow your business anymore. Call us to discuss the best way we can expedite debtor finance for your business.

Foreign Exchange Loans

These may not necessarily be as complex or inaccessible as you may believe. Our experts are highly skilled in this area and are ready to advise you of the suitable rates, lenders and options that are available for you today.

If this is the type of loan that you’re wanting to secure JPI Finance can assist and guide you throughout the entire process.

Call us today to determine your needs, options and loan features. Our friendly professional staff members have the experience and expertise to match you up with the best opportunities and possibilities.

Foriegn Exchange Loans