Property Finance

Progressing in the Property market requires savvy, timing, vision and the ability to act quickly. Having your finances secured and available goes a long way towards being able to quickly access the most the market has to offer.

At JPI Finance, our specialist property finance brokers know the market. We know what’s available and when you can access market-ready options. We work with you through the application process and provide a holistic financial solution to make your life easy. Some of the options we have available through our lenders are:

  • Full Doc Loans
  • Low Doc Loans
  • Property Loans with Bank Lenders
  • Property Loans with Private Lenders

If you need a team, you can rely on for timely action and advice to help you build your property portfolio, we’ve got you covered.

Of course, there are varying conditions, restrictions and requirements for each loan type. Our experts will assist with acquiring a loan product for you that is designed specifically for your individual conditions and concerns. And re-financing is always available to suit your developing needs.

To discuss your project, call Joe on 0457 621 291