Residential Mortgage

Securing a Home Loan that will best serve you and your needs need not be a difficult and complex process. The demands on everyday life are stressful enough without having to navigate the complicated difficulties that can be associated with choosing a loan that is just right for you.

With years of experience in the industry we have contacts, expertise, skills and specialist knowledge that allows us to connect you with the most appropriate and tailored results.

What happens?

The general process is fairly universal but at JPI Finance we can pin-point the loan features would be most suited to your circumstances and take you to financial mastery.

1. We arrange a meeting with you where we can openly, confidentially and expertly assess your situation, needs, goals and options. Once we’ve talked this through with you, we will be able to evaluate the best lender, product and loan type that best suits you.

We may request some information on relevant documents so that we can adequately gauge and determine your financial choices. We are available to assist with securing this information and establishing options.

2. We strive to find most suitable loan. After we’ve received and assessed your information, we will be able to provide you with a list of loan products that best suit your needs and goals. At this time we’ll discuss the most suited options for you and suggest the lender that is most appropriate. We will also explain the application process, costs and features of your chosen product. Upon completion of the application process we assure you that our skilled brokers will stay with you throughout the entire process as and when best suits you.

3. Submission of the application will only occur once you are completely satisfied. We submit the application once all the documents are received and completed and communicate with the lender to ensure all phases of the application process are completed in a successful and timely manner. We will then assist you directly in the processing of the loan so that a successful conclusion is settled as soon as possible with minimum fuss.

4. Approved! Once we receive notification of the success of your application we will inform you immediately and assist you directly and expertly with the submission of any finalising documents or requirements. We liaise with all relevant parties in the process so that your journey through the procedure is seamless, satisfying and timely. Solicitors, lenders, Real Estate Agents and other significant parties are included in the communications as necessary so that you can be at ease and confident that all is progressing well.

5. Settlement, when all documents have been signed, authorized, witnessed and processed, we will return them for final administration and settlement. We will be available and in support of your application right up until completion.

6. The Ongoing Commitment even when your settlement is complete and all is well, if there are any queries or concerns, just let us know and our dedicated team is at your disposal as long as you need us.

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